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Wilson Creek Frozen 50k

Sat January 25, 2025 Directions

Team Wilson Creek

Emily (L) and Amy (R), circa 2020

Team Wilson Creek

This is the team of directors, aid station captains, and lead volunteers who enable Wilson Creek. Thank them when you see them.

If you want to join the team, contact

Emily Schuh Berriochoa, Race Director

Founded Wilson Creek Frozen 50k in 2011 with Davina Jackson. It was our brain child and a labor of love. The first year was a fatass run with no entry fee or markings; it was so fun that we created the official race for 2012. We also founded the timed runs at Eagle Island, which is now the Pulse Endurance Runs, and the Silver City Endurance runs, which was held in 2012 and 2013. We also formed the Idaho Trail Ultra Series in 2012 to build up the Idaho ultra community, a series that endures (, now under the direction of Beaverhead race director David Tarkalson. I am an ultra runner and avid reader and delve into random pursuits like crocheting and CrossFit. I love doing the winter ultras on foot pulling a sled; my favorite summer ultra is the Standhope 100 mile race out of Sun Valley. 
The picture is of me and my dad. My dad introduced me to Wilson Creek in the early 1990s, when mountain bikers and runners were a rare encounter, and the place holds a special place in my heart. 

Amy King Kinzer, Race Director

Amy took the position of co-race director in 2014. She's been at Wilson Creek all the years: 1st year at the finish line, 2nd year as the 50K sweep, and as RD since.
Amy: I grew up backpacking in the mountains around Adams and Valley County during the summer and skiing Brundage all winter long. In any spare time, I'm backpacking, skiing, trail running and gardening.
What I love about Wilson Creek is that it's just a group of people who embrace crazy and hard stuff. That's my tribe.

Jon Kinzer, Logistics Director

Jimmy Byrne, Finish Line Food Captain

Jim Byrne has been Wilson Creek's finish line food captain since 2015; he is organized, energetic, and utterly indispensable. 
# of Wilson Creek Finishes: All of them - I never leave the start/finish line
Jim: My background is swimming, so that is why I enjoy not running up into the beautiful trails at Wilson Creek. I might get lost. I just focus on making the coffee and heating up the soup.
My favorite activity is bike-packing with my wife Cynthia (and traveling to France with her). Idaho is such a beautiful state, and when you slow down and hike/run/ really can see and enjoy the great state of Idaho. 
Everyone involved in this event are great people with big hearts. My good friend Bill asked me to come out to volunteer 8 races ago while he ran the course. Then I met Emily, Amy, Jon and crew - and I’m addicted to helping out this great race.

Tony Huff, 20 Mile Course Marking Captain

Tony has marked the 20 mile course at Wilson Creek every year since its inception in 2012. In addition to that, he has finished the 50k race all 7 years running (through 2020). 2023 is his 8th Wilson Creek.
Tony: I enjoy the mountain ultras and the winter sled-pull ultras. What I love about Wilson Creek is people willing to go out in a crazy variety of Owyhee winter weather and trail conditions and enjoy themselves. 

Rachael Bazzett, 10 Mile Course Marking Captain

Rachael has been marking the course since the early days. She's a die hard dog lover and accomplished ultra runner. 

Rick Harris, ATV Wrangler

I am a member of the Canyon County ATV Club and have coordinated the ATVs/UTVs for all of the Frozen 50K Runs. I started running a little at the urging of my son when I was 68 years old. A bit late to get started but I found that I really enjoyed running. I just wished I had started many years earlier. I ran my first half marathon on my 70th birthday and have managed to survive two Robie runs. I have only run the 10 mile course at the Frozen 50K once but hope to do it again sometime. We are planning on doing a six day backpacking trip through the Sawtooths this summer, so maybe that is the beginning of a new hobby.
I really enjoy ATV riding and fishing, and Idaho is a wonderful location for those hobbies. I think the thing I like best about the Frozen 50K is getting to associate with the runners. Everyone seems to appreciate the help that we provide and I find that the runners are very thankful for the help that we give them. I hope there are many more Frozen 50K events.



Herb Ankrum, K7DHA, HAM Director

Herb has been directing your radio traffic at Wilson Creek since 2018. He pulls together a team of hard core amateur HAM radio operators from Treasure Valley REACT and other sources, and he and his better looking half Pam Ankrum run Net Control from the race Headquarters. They track all the runners and make sure everyone is safe and accounted for. 


Rich Marion, K7DPC, Timing Director

Rich Marion of ProRaceTiming has been with Wilson Creek since the beginning, and we wouldn't do it without him. He's a programming genius and one-man traveling finish line presence. 
Since about 2018, his brother Jack has joined him in the fun; we love having Jack around the finish line.


Nellie and Aaron Pryor, Pryorly Stinson Station Captains



Mike Blessing, Mud Pit Aid Station Captain


Rhonda and Bart Buckendorf, Rocky Road Aid Station Captains

Holly Finch, Beth Ahrend and The Pulse Crew, Paradise Aid Station Captains

Beth and Holly and all the usual Dirty Soles create Paradise every year for the 50k runners coming through mile 20.3 mile. 


Faith King, Awards Artist and Registration Lead

Faith is Race Director Amy King's oldest daughter. She's the picture of organization and efficiency. Since about 2019, she's been in charge of awards design and production. She also presides over race morning check in and registration. 
She's graduating from Grand Canyon University in spring 2023 and is engaged to marry Christian Klein in August 2023.

Margie Berriochoa, Registration Lead

Margie is Race Director Emily's daughter. She has been involved with Wilson Creek since she was 5. She finished the 5 mile event in 2015 at age 8. 
As a senior in high school in 2023, she's been a registration lead for the last few events. 

MRW Fire Crew


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